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Welcome to the Wiki for the role-playing game, Anesidora.

By the Light of Artemis

By the Light of Artemis is a live streamed campaign that will air on the Maze Arcana twitch channel Monday nights.

Maze Arcana Twitch

-Artemis Player Characters

-Artemis Non-Player Characters

Game Setting

Note: Information on this wiki represents common knowledge known by a person living in North Lelantos.

Climate, Time, and Weather




Mythological Figures

Necromancy and the Black Arts

Organizations and Cultures

Information on Bruce Monach

Gaming Blog

Bruce Monach is a writer, director, and gamer who has been working in camera and VFX in Los Angeles for almost 10 years. A few years ago he wrote and directed Pen & Paper & Laser Guns starring Chloe Dykstra, Matter Mercer, Marisha Ray, David Nett, Michele Morrow, Jake Stormoen, Satine Phoenix, and others who have gone on to do amazing things.

He is currently working on a live stream RPG, By the Light of Artemis, to play on Maze Arcana and a horror short titled, The Chalice.

Film Work

Pen & Paper & Laser Guns

DP Reel

VFX Reel

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